Steps for Submitting an R Package to CRAN

  1. In DESCRIPTION, increment version number.
  2. In NEWS, replace beta development number with new version number.
  3. Ensure all checks pass. Locally, run devtools::check() to ensure everything looks OK. Run each of the following to run the check on the various remote resources and wait for emails (to the "cre" of the package) to confirm:
  4. If there are any outstanding notes/warnings/errors which you have not eliminated, discuss them in the file. Update for release.
  5. Ensure you have no outstanding local changes; commit any changes. (You'll be adding a tag later, so you want a commit here.)
  6. Run devtools::release()
Once CRAN accepts the submission:
  1. Place a tag on the commit the release is based on. (e.g. git tag vX.X.X; git push origin vX.X.X)
  2. In DESCRIPTION, append .9001 to the version number to flag the current version as development.
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