Hosting a git repo on UM Servers

This will host the bare repo on the UM’s AFS space. It can be cloned on the server or locally.

  1. Choose what server you want to access the AFS from:

  2. If using SCS or login, git is quite old. You'll need to run

    scl enable rh-git29 httpd24 -- git

    instead of just git. If you put the following line in your .zshrc (or the Bash equivalent), you can alias git to this.

    alias git='scl enable rh-git29 httpd24 -- git'

    Now using git will run the above, whereas \git will ignore the alias and run the old version.

    Confirm this worked with git --version and \git --version. (You may need to re-login first.)

  3. Next, you'll do a bare-repo clone on the server:

    git clone --bare [repo address]

    If you've never pushed your git repo up to a server you can clone from, or you are starting a new repo, instead you can init the repo and then add it as the remote.

    On the server, create a directory called "[repo name].git". Within it, run:

    git init --bare

    Finally, locally, run one of (depending on choice of server):

    git remote add origin [uniqname][path-to-bare-repo].git
    git remote add origin [uniqname][path-to-bare-repo].git
    git remote add origin [uniqname][path-to-bare-repo].git
  4. You can now push and pull from the server.

Current limitations:

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