Hosting a git repo on UM Servers

This will host the bare repo on the UM’s AFS space. It can be cloned on the server or locally.

Current limitations:

Pulling and pushing requires a password (UM Servers don’t allow logging in with SSH keys).

Other users cannot clone this repository.

  1. Choose what server you want to access the AFS from:

  2. If using SCS or login, git is quite old. You'll need to run

    scl enable rh-git29 httpd24 -- git

    instead of just git. If you put the following line in your .zshrc (or the bash equivalent), you can alias git to this.

    alias git='scl enable rh-git29 httpd24 -- git'

    Now using git will run the above, whereas \git will ignore the alias and run the old version.

    Confirm this worked with git --version and \git --version. (You may need to re-login first.)

  3. Next, you'll do a bare-repo clone on the server:

    git clone --bare [repo address]

    If you've never pushed your git repo up to a server you can clone from, or you are starting a new repo, instead you can init the repo and then add it as the remote.

    On the server, create a directory called "[repo name].git". Within it, run:

    git init --bare

    Finally, locally, run one of (depending on choice of server):

    git remote add origin [uniqname][path-to-bare-repo].git
    git remote add origin [uniqname][path-to-bare-repo].git
    git remote add origin [uniqname][path-to-bare-repo].git
  4. You can now push and pull from the server.

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