Stata Packages

Each of these packages can be installed from the provided command, which will enable the use of adoupdate to keep them updated. Alternatively, feel free to grab the code directly from the repositories.

angelhair package sticker angelhair [Code repository, submit issues]

Creating spaghetti plots in Stata that are readable with large amounts of data.

Spaghetti plots (line plots over time for multiple groups/individuals) are handy tools for data exploration, but become unreadble rapidly as the number of groups/individuals increases. To address this, the angelhair command (named after the skinny spaghetti) produces a spaghetti plot where all groups/individuals are plotted, but a small random selected number of groups/individuals are highlighted so show individual trends.

Example of an angelhair plot

Install the package with

net install angelhair, from("")

ranefplot package sticker ranefplot [Code repository, submit issues]

Produces a visualization of the random intercepts in a mixed effects model.

Generates a scatterplot of the random effects from the model, along with confidence bounds. The points are re-ordered to produce an easier to see visualization. If the model includes multiple random effects, you can choose from which level to visualize.

Example of an ranefplot plot

Install the package with

net install ranefplot, from("")

kublakhan package sticker kublakhan [Code repository, submit issues]

A collection of commands I use for personal work.

net install kublakhan, from("")


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