Notes for workshops I have given

Matching with R: Using the optmatch package in R to perform matching, with or without propensity scores.

Introduction to Stata: An introductory set of notes focused on data management targeted at individuals who have never used Stata before.

Regression Modeling with Stata: Fitting regression models (linear, logistic, Poisson, etc) in Stata.

Mixed Effect Modeling with Stata: Fitting mixed effects regression models (linear, logistic, Poisson, etc) in Stata.


Intermediate Stata (Statistical Modeling): Statistical modeling including basic tests, graphing and modeling, in Stata. The modeling sections have been mostly replaced by the individual workshops in regression and mixed effects above.

New Data Management Features in Stata 16: Introducing frames, storing multiple data sets in memory; and vl, defining variable lists. These notes have been integrated into the Introduction to Stata notes.